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Maui Wildfire Relief SL - Designer Sign-Up

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Set Up OPENS - Wednesday, August 16th @ 12pm SLT

Set Up ENDS - Friday, August 18th @ 9pm SLT

Event OPENS - Saturday, August 19th @ 9am SLT

Event ENDS - Saturday, August 26 @ 6pm SLT

Clean Up - Saturday, August 26 @ 6pm SLT - Sim Reclaim


You will need the Maui Wildfire Relief Donation Drive group to access the sim and rez. Once registered, an Event Coordinator will contact you with an invite.

Booths should be claimed ONE per company @ a limit of 50 display prims each.

You MUST use the provided donation vendors at a 100% Donation.

There is no limit to how many items you can donate.

Items DO NOT need to be new or exclusive to this event.

Items MUST follow all Second Life TOS including copyright.

Adult items may be featured but ads MUST be PG-13 or below. Absolutely no nudity, violence, overly sexualized themes, etc. will be permitted.

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